The Numismatic Cabinet

33215_vThe Numismatic Cabinet is both the only and the central institution of its kind in Slovenia. From the very foundation of the museum it has systematically acquired and scientifically studied numismatic and other museum exponents important for the monetary, financial, and banking history of the Slovenian lands. The systematic collection today contains around 80,000 objects (coins, banknotes, and other financial instruments, and also medals and counterfeits). Only from 1948 has the collection been overseen by a specialist curator. The Numismatic Cabinet has been an independent department of the National Museum of Slovenia from 1964.

In addition to perfecting the existing collections, the basic tasks of the cabinet are to document and classify the numismatic heritage and to study all the classical, medieval, and modern coin finds from the territory of Slovenia. The extensive collections and the results of their analyses are presented to the public with periodic exhibitions and in numerous publications. The Cabinet has developed the computer program NUMIZ with built-in parameters for the formats of publications in certain projects (catalogues for collections, hoards, finds of classical, medieval, and modern coins, Sylloge Nummorum Graecorum). This program has greatly aided in forming a central computer register for the coin finds from all periods throughout all of Slovenia. At the same time a professional register is also being composed of all the numismatic material kept in Slovenian museum institutions.

The Cabinet also has an extensive specialized library. Students from the Archaeology Department of the University of Zagreb are also introduced to coins from antiquity in the Numismatic Cabinet.

In 2000 the Numismatic Cabinet was awarded the Valvasor Prize by the Slovenian Museum Society.